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About adult abuse & neglect

What is abuse? Financial Abuse

The misuse of a person's funds and assets; obtaining property and funds without his/her knowledge and full consent, or in the case of an elderly person who is not competent, not in his/her best interests.

This is also known as material abuse. Financial or material abuse can involve the theft or misuse of a person's money or property. It includes behaviours such as:

Many of these actions are crimes.

Justice Canada points out that financial abuse also includes unduly pressuring* older adults to : (3)

Financial or material abuse against older adults may also include family or friends:

The abuser in financial abuse situations is commonly a trusted person in the senior's life (such as a spouse or partner, family member (often an adult child), caregiver, or friend). Financial abuse is often accompanied by other forms of abuse, such as psychological abuse, physical abuse or denial of rights.

If you recognize any of these indicators that are unexplained by the adult then you need to ACT! Report Abuse, Neglect and Self-Neglect.

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