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About adult abuse & neglect

What is abuse? Other forms of abuse

Medication: Misuse of a person's medications and prescriptions, including withholding medication and overdosing.  

Violation of Civil/Human Rights: Denial of a person's fundamental rights (according to legislation, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms , or the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights ); for example: withholding of information; denial of privacy, denial of visitors; restriction of liberty; censorship.

Spiritual: Using a person's religious or spiritual beliefs to exploit, manipulate, dominate or control them; ridiculing their beliefs; preventing them from engaging in spiritual or religious practices; or, acting in a disrespectful way toward their spirituality.

If you recognize any of these indicators that are unexplained by the adult then you need to ACT! Report Abuse, Neglect and Self-Neglect.

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