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Act on adult abuse & neglect

Recognize abuse, neglect & self-neglect

The face of adult abuse, neglect and self-neglect has many looks and can not be described in a general way.

Online course available to you now: Recognizing and Responding to Adult Abuse

Go to the PHSA Learning Hub and create a free account to begin the online course. This course is designed for anyone who acts in a caregiving or service-providing capacity and is in contact with an adult (e.g., a meal provider, receptionist, health care assistant and physician), within any setting, to build awareness about recognizing, preventing and responding to the abuse of adults. This brief course covers key definitions and the different types of abuse, provides a scenario in a health care setting involving an adult with multiple vulnerabilities, advises how to respond to suspected abuse and obtain more information, and offers a certificate upon successful completion.

From potentially obvious indicators of possible physical abuse to more subtle indicators of financial or psychological abuse or neglect, the indicators are diverse and wide ranging. The onus on you, as a front line health worker is to be diligent and learn to recognize and act on any indicators of abuse, neglect or self-neglect.

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