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Clinical Assessment Tools

To assist clinicians with assessments of potential cases of abuse, neglect and self-neglect the following series of clinical assessment tools are recommended for use. These tools are for use by appropriately trained health care professionals and are not meant to replace medical assessment and advice.

All assessments of suspected or reported abuse, neglect or self-neglect of vulnerable adults need to include a comprehensive medical exam by a physician.

Practice Guidelines

Due to the complexity of the issues related to situations of abuse, neglect and self-neglect of vulnerable adults, there are many areas of practice for which health care providers will require further guidance. Throughout VCH there are clinical practice guidelines and policies that are relevant to most of the situations that will arise. VCH employees are encouraged to follow practice guidelines, protocols, and policies available through their own program areas and professional organizations. On VCH Connect (Intranet) and PolicyNet VCH employees will find documents related to Ethical Decision Making, Risk Assessment Tools, Guidelines to Special Consent Situations and more. 

Victim Services Links

Information on Victim Services is available in the following links:

The Community and the Criminal Justice System Working Together as Partners Project

The B.C. Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support (BCCEAS), working with seniors, and people who help seniors, has developed an education kit to assist people in providing legal education around seniors' rights, information on how to respond to abuse and neglect of seniors and strengthening working relationships. This Education Kit is available through the BCCEAS website.  Please feel to download any of the items in the Educational Kit.

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